Top Notch Baby Stroller Options For Runners

Running stroller top choices 2017

As new parents you find yourself running all over the house looking after your small child, but there is actually a better way to run and it is something that your little one will actually enjoy. Jogging strollers are a terrific way to get yourself back into shape after having a child and it is something that more parents are starting to get into. There are a number of benefits to using one of these. You can stay fit, get out of the house, take your children with you and save on babysitting, expose them to the outside world and give them a fun adventure that they will look forward to every day, and reduce your stress by getting some well deserved exercise. While these types of strollers are an added expense and can get quite pricey, they are also well worth the investment.

The right equipment always makes a huge difference, and one of the top makers renowned for their jogging strollers is BOB. They make some of the most durable models that are perfect for rough or easy terrain. They are safe, reliable, easy to store, and provide a comfortable ride for kids of just about any size. If you wish to get the best jogging stroller available that can take a lot of wear and tear then any of the options in the BOB line of joggers would be an excellent choice. Below are just three of their top rated strollers and why they are so loved by active parents around the globe.

Revolution Flex

There are several unique and exciting features that set the BOB Revolution Flex apart. Popular consensus rates this running stroller as the best option for offroad and fast paced use.

One thing to keep in mind is your height and the height of everyone who might be jogging with the full stroller. Because of that you will enjoy the benefit of this advanced stroller designed specifically for jogging. One great feature to give you an idea of the thought that went into this option is an adjustable nine-position handle bar. The key to relaxing while jogging is keeping your elbows in and relaxing the shoulders. This is exactly where the idea for this great feature comes from.

You’ll still need to use the stroller unless you are planning to jog around the house and in store. Because of that you’ll enjoy using the feature that allows the front wheel to lock forward and swivel for both uses. Just like your favorite running shoes.

BOB Revolution SE

Just like on a car or even your favorite running shoes, cushion matters. In picking anything with wheels you’ll need first to understand that the only cushion you will have is the tires that separate the construction from the road. Just like off-road tires the bigger you inflate the tires the more surfaces you can comfortably travel across. With that in mind take a look at the BOB Revolution SE. Boasting large tires that are inflatable you will notice the difference when you jog with it.

The difference you may have experienced is the hard plastic molded tires or other material like on a shopping cart. You feel everything. Like a car with bad shocks. In contrast to be useful inflatable tires will make the ride not only more comfortable but more stable. This is a great option to find that. Another option for convenience of use is the benefit of being collapsible to fit on buses, in trunks, or backseats.

Revolution Pro

With the BOB Revolution Pro you will also benefit from the convenient easy adjust handlebar. What are you gonna need on the jog? What weather are you gonna be jogging in? How long are you going to be out? What type of snacks does your passenger need? What type of snacks do you need? The reason I point this out is because you don’t want to get stuck without adequate storage. Jogging with a backpack can be rough and with the BOB Revolution Pro it can be avoided.

This model boasts ample storage room. But the thing to consider is that the heavier you load the stroller the more you need to consider how you will stop it. Especially jogging down hill. The way this model solves that issue is with as a brake that is hand activated like on a mountain bike. This stroller is also solid which makes it more comfortable for your passenger and more durable and desirable for repeated use.

BOB has an extensive line of strollers designed for active parents and these are just three of our favorites, especially if you like to go off road. We cannot say enough good things about these joggers, and our experience with them has been nothing short of spectacular. Running has many proven benefits, and new moms should really take advantage when they can. This is why we always recommend these for anyone looking to get themselves out of the house and back into sha