Finding The Right Food Processor Will Make Life Easier

Every fish lover should own a food processor, especially if you love to cook what you catch and serve mouth watering meals for your friends and family. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen preparing a wide array of meals during the week, and we just don’t know how we could manage without using this invaluable small kitchen appliance. Any type of food dish that you are planning to prepare can be enhanced with one of these small appliances. While you may also have exceptional knife skills, like when you filet your fish, it is nice to have a machine that allows you to put down the knife for other time consuming tasks.

While Cuisnart does produce an excellent line of food processors, today we are going to look at another maker of top quality small appliances, Breville. The Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef is a top of the line food processor which currently is ranked as one of the best of 2016. It is a high end model that comes with a high end price tag, but for a lot of owners this food processor is well worth the cost.

BFP800XL Features

Breville makes some of the most modern and sleek machines and the BFP800XL is no exception. Some of what makes this food processor stand out from others in its class in the kitchen include:

LCD Display – This goes not only to the modern styling, but also to its overall functionality. It enables the timer to count up or down and stops it automatically when the timer is at zero. This is a very cool feature that is just not found on most of today’s food processors.

Wide Feed Chute – This enables larger pieces of food to be dropped into the machine while operating. It has two different pushers for greater flexibility.

8 Discs and Blades – This machine is designed to handle just about any food chopping task. The different blades let you customize just how big or small you need to cut, slice, or dice something. The sliding disc for example can produce 24 different sizes for the ultimate control. The blades are stainless steel and are built to last.

16 Cup Bowl – Whether you are cooking for 1 person or 6, the BFP800XL should be able to handle it with a big 16 cup capacity. It also comes with a 2 and 1/2 cup bowl for smaller jobs.

Die Cast Metal Base – The extremely solid construction of this machine means that you do not have to worry about it moving around your counter top when it is operating at high speeds. This unit is very well built with high end materials to deliver years of quality performance.

Customer Reviews – While its higher price makes it less of an option for most people, those who have bought this model have rated it as one of the best food processors on the market.

Is It Worth It?

This is a subjective question and a lot has to do with what type of budget that you have to work with. We realize that not everyone can afford a food processor that runs between $400 and $500, but if you can then this Breville food processor is worth considering. Breville produces well built, modern, and technologically advanced small kitchen appliances, and the BFP800XL is yet another example of this. For someone that spends hours every week in their kitchen then investing in a top notch food chopper, slicer, mincer, and dicer is more than likely going to be a nice investment that will definitely end up paying off in time and effort saved.

If you love to eat, but you hate to cook, then having the right tools can help making your own home cooked meals seem like less of a chore. If you can afford its higher price tag, it is investment definitely worth considering to reduce the amount of time that you spend in the kitchen.

For a better demonstration of just what this powerhouse can do for you in your kitchen, check out the video below.

Don’t Fall Victim To Common Depression Myths

Depression can be a complex illness to diagnosis and treat, and one byproduct of its sometimes tricky nature is the prevalence of depression myths and misinformation. These myths can be harmful to those who suffer from depression and their loved ones if it prevents those battling the disorder from seeking timely help. Often times patients prolong getting treatment because of some bad information that they may have heard from friends, family or have read on the internet. Better information and having the facts leads to better choices for those that need help. Below are some of the more common myths associated with depression along with the actual facts.

Common Depression Myths

Myth: “Depression is a woman’s disease”

Fact: No one is immune from depression. While statistics show that women are diagnosed and treated nearly twice as often as men, these numbers can be a little misleading. Men tend to resist acknowledging that they may have a problem with depression. They typically try to hide how they are feeling and put on a “strong” face. They often feel that depression may be a sign of weakness. Instead of exhibiting some of the signs of depression that women may typically show, men tend to exhibit agitation, irritability, physical complaints, sleep disruption etc. They may have been brought up to keep their feelings to themselves. All this may contribute to why men are less likely to seek help for depression than women. Depression is an equal opportunity illness, affecting both men and women.

Myth: “A family history means I will suffer from depression” and conversely “I don’t have a family history of depression, so I don’t have to worry about it”

Fact: A family history of mental illness is just one of many factors that may lead one person to suffer from depression over another. Having a family history is not a guarantee that you will have a major depressive episode in your lifetime, nor is not having anyone in your family who has battled with depression a guarantee that you will not at some point in your lifetime have a bout of clinical depression. A family history or lack of family history goes to a person’s risk factor for developing depression, it is not an indicator of direct certainty.

Myth: “Depression is a weakness or character flaw”

Fact: Depression is neither of those, it is a complex mental health disorder that has nothing to do with someone’s strength of mind or character. Having depression does not mean someone is weak minded. Unfortunately depression still has a stigma attached to it and this is the kind of myth that often prevents some from getting proper treatment.

Myth: “Suffering with depression is a natural part of the aging process”

Fact: While depression is not a natural part of getting old, the elderly tend to experience some of the triggers of depression such as declining health, loss of a spouse, abrupt change to living situation (being moved to nursing homes), financial hardships and lack of family support system for example. Often times elderly depression symptoms get mistaken for other medical ailments common in older patients. Symptoms such as an increase in physical complaints, loss of memory and trouble thinking clearly get misdiagnosed or attributed to other health conditions. As such, elderly patients often do not get the proper treatment for their depressive illness. Because someone advances in age does not mean that they will suffer from depression, but certain life experiences more common in elderly patients can make them more prone to the illness.

Myth: “Antidepressants are the magic cure. All I have to do is pop some pills to fix my depression”

Fact: While antidepressants may certainly help those suffering a major depressive episode, they are not magic. They are often used in conjunction with psychotherapy to better prevent a recurrence of depression. Antidepressants can help stabilize a patients mood and help their depression symptoms to make talk therapy more effective although they can take up to 6 to 8 weeks to take full effect. For more mild to moderate cases of depression, antidepressants might not have the same impact as psychotherapy. In either case, depression is not fixed by just taking pills alone.

Myth: “Depression will eventually just go away on its own”

Fact: For some lucky people this may be the case, but for the majority of depression sufferers it can have long lasting effects if not properly treated. It can severely interfere with a person’s life for weeks, months or years and can substantially impact the quality of their lives. It can disrupt sleep habits, weight, social interactions, careers, family relationships for example. Major depression also carries the risk of suicide. Believing depression will eventually go away on its own can carry significant risk for the patient, not only to the life of the person battling it, but their quality of life as well. Anybody who experiences any kind of depressive symptoms that negatively impact someone’s life and normal everyday activities for at least two weeks should look into seeking help from a qualified mental health professional. If suicide is an immediate concern then call or visit your nearest emergency center right away. Depression should never be ignored.

As depression awareness continues to grow and more and more people understand more about this mental illness, hopefully the less some of these myths will continue to spread. Bad information often times prevents those in desperate need of help from getting the treatment that they deserve. Reaching out for help is often the hardest obstacle to the road to recovery, but it is the most important hurdle to overcome. Don’t let any depression myths get in the way of getting help for you or a loved one.