The Kuvings B6000 Is One Juicer With A Big Mouth

Looking for the perfect juicer for your kitchen? The Kuvings B6000 is an upright vertical masticating juicer that extracts juice from various produce using a cold press technique. It features a slow-spinning single auger designed for compressing, crushing and squeezing vegetables and fruits. As its name suggests, this auger moves somewhat slowly at speeds of around 50-60 RPM helping prevent heat build up and oxidation. This is essential as oxidation can spoil the juice. Because of this technique juice extracted using the B6000 can be stored for quite a long time without losing its nutrition value. This also explains why this juicer is sometimes called a cold-press, slow juicer. The Veggie Files review of the Kuvings B6000 details both the pros and cons of this juicing machine and shows why this upright juicer has received such high scores from owners. While it is a bit pricey, it does introduce some new features never seen before for this type of machine.

As opposed to centrifugal juicers that operate at high speeds of around 6000rpm to 13000 rpm, and use sharp blades to spin the produce, masticating juicers operate quite differently. For example, after grinding and masticating the produce, the B6000 juicers use strong, tough augers to spin it (the produce) to extract quality juice from the pulp. Such technique does not require a high speed to extract juice, and masticating juicers often work at speeds of about 50 to 60 rpm. The technique also prevents heat from building up and retains 99.9% of the nutrients in the juice.

Features of the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

Although it is among the most expensive models available in the market, this cold-press juicer has received some outstanding scores from customers and owners. Have a look at what makes this masticating juicer such a special brand:

3-Inch Wide Feed Chute: The Kuvings B6000 feed chute is significantly larger than other similar machines. This feature allows you feed whole veggies and fruits without necessarily cutting them down into smaller pieces. This is currently the only upright masticating juicing machine that has this feature.

Stronger and Longer ULTEM Screw: The juicer’s ULTEM screw is strong and long, thereby, allowing it cut whole vegetables and fruits while juicing, and this helps minimize nutrient loss as well as oxidation from pre-cutting ingredients. Ideally, this screw features a specially designed compression blade for masticating ingredients with force at optimum angles.

Eco-Friendly materials: The Kuvings B6000 Whole-Slow Juicer is developed and designed with eco-friendly materials. For example, the pulp cup, juice cup, and juicing bowl are all designed from Eastman Tritan TM. Additionally, the screw and strainer are developed from ULTEM (a semi-permanent and eco-friendly advanced material).

Low-Speed Masticating Technology: This is yet another incredible technology found in this juicer. This technology works by pressing fruits and vegetables using a slow-rotating screw instead of the fast-rotating blades for grinding ingredients, and this helps the juicer produce 100% pure and natural juice. This technology is effective, particularly when it comes to minimizing nutrient loss.

240-Watt Heavy-Duty Motor: This particular model of masticating juicer features a 240-watt motor designed in such a way that it generates less noise and vibration, as well as offers fresher juice than other leading models.

The Good and the Bad of the B6000


It is Quiet: The Kuvings B6000 is quieter than other types of juicers because it operates at a speed of around 50-60 rpm. Nevertheless, it is the loudest when it comes to other types of vertical juicers since it has a powerful motor that needs to work somewhat harder to extract juice from whole vegetables and fruits.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer10-year Warranty: This juicer comes with an impressive 10-year warranty, thereby, giving you a little peace of mind knowing that your investment is covered no matter what happens.

Easy to Clean: As opposed to many types of vertical juicers, this particular one is easy to clean. In addition to a good design, this cold-press juicer comes with some special tools, which makes cleaning much easier.

Compact Footprint: B6000 is more suitable for small kitchens than horizontal juicers because it is an upright masticating juicer.

Perfect All-Round Juicer: Although centrifugal juicers are the best when it comes to speed, they always produce less yield and low quality of juice. While there may be some debate on whether masticating juicers deliver a more nutritious juice, horizontal types of juicers are considered the best when it comes to leafy greens. In that regard, the B6000 whole-slow juicer is the most suitable for a mix of leafy and firmer produce. Owners, for the most part, also extremely satisfied with the juice yield this juicer produces.


Slow juicing: As its name suggests, The Kuvings B6000 takes a longer time to juice when compared to other top-leading models.

Clogging issues: If you plan to use a lot of leafy vegetables and you like juicing kale, then it is prudent not to stuff too much into the machine at once as it may jam. Slowly feeding these types of vegetables into the juicer may help alleviate this issue.

Customer Reviews

While this juicer has not been out that long, it has already picked up some impressive feedback from owners. It is not a perfect juicer by any stretch, but it does have a lot of things going for it that users really appreciate. It is one of the more expensive juice extractors available, so if money is a concern then this is not going to be the best option for your kitchen. The innovative new features of the wider feed chute opening and the tap on the juices spout really help set this machine apart from others in its class. With higher than average scores, this might be a nice juicer to consider if you can afford it.

Top Notch Baby Stroller Options For Runners

Running stroller top choices 2017

As new parents you find yourself running all over the house looking after your small child, but there is actually a better way to run and it is something that your little one will actually enjoy. Jogging strollers are a terrific way to get yourself back into shape after having a child and it is something that more parents are starting to get into. There are a number of benefits to using one of these. You can stay fit, get out of the house, take your children with you and save on babysitting, expose them to the outside world and give them a fun adventure that they will look forward to every day, and reduce your stress by getting some well deserved exercise. While these types of strollers are an added expense and can get quite pricey, they are also well worth the investment.

The right equipment always makes a huge difference, and one of the top makers renowned for their jogging strollers is BOB. They make some of the most durable models that are perfect for rough or easy terrain. They are safe, reliable, easy to store, and provide a comfortable ride for kids of just about any size. If you wish to get the best jogging stroller available that can take a lot of wear and tear then any of the options in the BOB line of joggers would be an excellent choice. Below are just three of their top rated strollers and why they are so loved by active parents around the globe.

Revolution Flex

There are several unique and exciting features that set the BOB Revolution Flex apart. One thing to keep in mind is your height and the height of everyone who might be jogging with the full stroller. Because of that you will enjoy the benefit of this advanced stroller designed specifically for jogging. One great feature to give you an idea of the thought that went into this option is an adjustable nine-position handle bar. The key to relaxing while jogging is keeping your elbows in and relaxing the shoulders. This is exactly where the idea for this great feature comes from. You’ll still need to use the stroller unless you are planning to jog around the house and in store. Because of that you’ll enjoy using the feature that allows the front wheel to lock forward and swivel for both uses. Just like your favorite running shoes.

BOB Revolution SE

Just like on a car or even your favorite running shoes, cushion matters. In picking anything with wheels you’ll need first to understand that the only cushion you will have is the tires that separate the construction from the road. Just like off-road tires the bigger you inflate the tires the more surfaces you can comfortably travel across. With that in mind take a look at the BOB Revolution SE. Boasting large tires that are inflatable you will notice the difference when you jog with it. The difference you may have experienced is the hard plastic molded tires or other material like on a shopping cart. You feel everything. Like a car with bad shocks. In contrast to be useful inflatable tires will make the ride not only more comfortable but more stable. This is a great option to find that. Another option for convenience of use is the benefit of being collapsible to fit on buses, in trunks, or backseats.

Revolution Pro

With the BOB Revolution Pro you will also benefit from the convenient easy adjust handlebar. What are you gonna need on the jog? What weather are you gonna be jogging in? How long are you going to be out? What type of snacks does your passenger need? What type of snacks do you need? The reason I point this out is because you don’t want to get stuck without adequate storage. Jogging with a backpack can be rough and with the BOB Revolution Pro it can be avoided. This model boasts ample storage room. But the thing to consider is that the heavier you load the stroller the more you need to consider how you will stop it. Especially jogging down hill. The way this model solves that issue is with as a brake that is hand activated like on a mountain bike. This stroller is also solid which makes it more comfortable for your passenger and more durable and desirable for repeated use.

BOB has an extensive line of strollers designed for active parents and these are just three of our favorites, especially if you like to go off road. We cannot say enough good things about these joggers, and our experience with them has been nothing short of spectacular. Running has many proven benefits, and new moms should really take advantage when they can. This is why we always recommend these for anyone looking to get themselves out of the house and back into sha

Creating Magic In The Kitchen With High-End Toaster Ovens

If you do not like the taste of microwaved food but you are also not fond of all of the hassle involved with using your full sized range, then getting a toaster oven can be a perfect solution. For years they have gotten a bad name and have usually just had a reputation for making toast or heating up frozen dinners. However, the modern toaster oven has evolved into a high tech machine that you can use to truly create some of the best tasting meals that may just suprise you and your family.

Gone are the days of hot spots and burnt toast. Today they come with features like convection heating to produce an evenly cooked result that is both juicy and tender. From side dishes to the main course, there are literally loads of recipes suited for a toaster oven. With that mind we are going to focus on some of the best performers that are geared towards those that need a full sized oven replacement. If you love to prepare homecooked meals then these are the models that you should be considering.

Breville Ovens

For the best of the best you cannot go wrong with a Breville. They have a stellar reputation for their modern small appliances and their entire line of small ovens are superb. The BOV800XL has been the best rated oven for a number of years but it has recently gotten an update. Breville has made some minor improvements and additions and have introduced the BOV845BSS. This is perhaps the top rated oven out there and it has many premium features that owners have fallen in love with in their kitchen.

Besides its sharp and sleek looks, this oven has some high-end cooking features that set it apart. Convection cooking, quartz heating elements, an easy to learn and use LCD display, 10 preset functions, and a front accessible crumb tray are just some of the aspects of the BOV845BSS that we love. We actually have one of these in our own kitchen and can attest to its prowess. Everything comes out remarkably perfect without little interaction from the user. From ribs to roasts, this oven does an excellent job when it comes to cooking meat as well.

It is pricey, but oh so worth it. This is probably going to be the most expensive option, but it is truly a top performing oven that we highly recommend. It gets fantastic user ratings as well, so we are not the only one singing its praises.

A Cuisinart Option

Cuisinart is another brand name that carries with it an excellent reputation. While they have a sturdy line of ovens that vary across different price points, their TOB-260 is their best effort to compete with Breville ovens. This is most apparent when looking at both of them side by side. They both have stainless steel housings and LCD displays, but Cuisinart tries to add a little more for a little less.

The TOB-260N has not one, but two different convection features to ensure that your food comes out delicious and evenly cooked. One of the great things about this feature is that it will also end up reducing your cooking times. This added convenience is one of the main reasons why convection cooking is starting to catch on.

It also has a host of preset cooking functions as well as Cuisinart’s Exact Heat system to ensure that your food is done right. No hot or cold spots. This oven is a little cheaper than the top Breville offering, but it is still not going to be cheap. With a huge interior for a countertop oven, this model is an excellent option for those with a lot of mouths to feed. We really like this toaster oven and the review of the TOB-260N on shows just how well it has been recieved in kitchens across the world.

The Rest

Honestly, the two models above are going to be your best top-end options. These are for serious chefs that love to spend a ton of time in the kitchen cooking for the family. There are some worthy ovens from KitchenAid and Oster that will let you save a little money, but they also have their drawbacks that keep them from measuring up with Cuisinart and Breville. If you have the money to spend, then they are your best choices for countertop convection workhorses. While you cannot go wrong with either one, we give a slight edge to the Breville BOV845BSS for its feature set, durability, and performance.